Fujimoto Nashiji Nakiri 165mm


This blade just falls through the vegetables. A joy to use with a scorched chestnut handle that ensures the longevity of the wood. The scalpel sharp Aogami carbon steel edge will hold its sharpness for an extended amount of use.

Steel Type: #2 Aogami (blue carbon) Steel clad with Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness: 61:63
Handle Material: Wa (Japanese handle) Oval burnt chestnut wood with plastic collar.


The Fujimoto Nashiji achieves a great balance in knife making, extremely high performance, along with minimal maintenance. The Aogami #2 (#2 Blue Steel) carbon steel core of the blade has been clad (wrapped) in stainless steel. This allows you to get the performance of traditional high-carbon steel, but only the edge of the knife requires the extra attention and drying that carbon steel asks of you, not the whole knife.

The finish on this line is called nashiji, named for its resemblance to the skin of an Asian pear. The scorched chestnut handles offer a classic rustic look, and the scorched finish on the wood lends durability to the handle.

About the Knife Shape Nakiri
A Nakiri knife is a classic Japanese-style knife that has a straight, symmetrical edge that is mostly used for slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables. Its main feature is its straight blade, which encourages a specific style of cutting. Unlike a Santoku, which utilizes a rocking motion, the Nakiri is ideal for an up-and-down motion, perfect for vegetables. The Nakiri also has a thinner blade, so it should not be used for tougher cuts, like butchering meat or cutting through thick vegetables.

Additional information

Weight 0.165 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 4 × 6 cm
Blade length

165mm – 6.5"

Blade height

49mm – 1.93"


165g – 5.82oz

Steel Type

#2 Aogami (blue carbon) Steel clad with Stainless Steel

Rockwell hardness



Wa (Japanese handle) Oval burnt chestnut wood with plastic collar.

Knife Shape





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