Larch Wood Guarantee

We have a limited 10 year guarantee. If you experience a problem we will replace your purchase if we determine that your board has been properly cared for as per our care instructions and not abused or misused for some other purpose.

If you have had your board less than 3 months we will pay the shipping cost of the replacement board. Boards that are older than 3 months, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost of the replacement product.

Our cutting boards come with easy to understand, detailed care instructions that should be carefully followed. Please follow the care instructions provided on this web site and on the care instruction card you receive with your purchase.

Attention to Detail 

Every Larch Wood product is manufactured with the utmost attention to detail and designed to be functional, sustainable and timeless for you and for generations of cooks to come.

Our cutting boards are handcrafted with locally sourced, sustainably harvested larch, kiln dried to 7% moisture content. We have a very stringent quality control program to insure the best product possible for our customers.

Defective Product 

If you have a problem with your Larch Wood product we will require 3 good quality photos of your board and we can usually determine from the photos if the board has been cared for properly. To help expedite the process, we ask you to please email us the required photos of the damaged product to:

  1. Photo of the full front.
  2. Photo of the full bottom
  3. Photo of the problem area.

We will also ask where and when your board was purchased. In some cases you will be required to obtain a replacement through our resellers.

Cutting Board Conditioners

Larch Wood sells two different types of cutting board conditioners that are essential to the longevity of your cutting board – Larch Wood Original Conditioner and Larch Wood Green Conditioner. They both have a mixture of oil and beeswax which is far superior to using just an oil.

We are dedicated to serving our customers and making sure they have the best possible service.

Liam O’Rourke, GM