Making an End Grain Cutting Board

Larch Wood Canada specializes in creating beautiful, professional quality “end grain” kitchen cutting boards, chopping blocks and countertops.

We also make flooring, stools and other kitchen and living products. Every product is meticulously handmade using eastern Canadian larch (Larix laricina) by our own in-house local craftspeople to ensure it meets or exceeds our high standards for quality and design.

The durable, self-healing, end grain construction of the Larch Wood board provides a smooth, impact-resistant, cutting action that is kind to knives – making our chopping blocks, cutting boards and countertops a practical choice for chefs in busy commercial kitchens or for daily use at home.

We take pride in bringing to the fore the beautiful wood grain of the larch; each of our products is uniquely and carefully crafted into a piece of functional art. Our boards are just as wonderful to look at, as they are to work on.

Why Choose the Larch Wood?

Canadian larch, also known locally as tamarack and juniper, grow in abundance on Cape Breton Island. It is a fast growing, tenacious species that can tolerate less than ideal conditions, like wet or recently disturbed soils.

It is a renewable resource that we source from sustainably managed local woodlots.

The wood of the Canadian larch is resilient and durable but also flexible. It was traditionally used in boat building and for other exterior applications such as decking and fence posts. Juniper is also noted for possessing antimicrobial and rot resistant properties making Eastern larch a great choice for kitchen cutting boards, countertops and chopping blocks.

Kiln Dried Durability

Kiln drying produces a more uniform and better quality wood product that can be machined to a superior finish when compared to most air-dried lumber.

We have been processing tamarack for over 12 years and have developed our own drying schedule specific to eastern larch. Larch Wood’s Nyle Kiln, manufactured in Maine USA, can dry up to 18,000 board feet at a time. It generally takes 16-22 days days to dry a load, however, this can change due to the length of time the wood has been cut before kiln drying.

Once loaded into the kiln we top off each stack of lumber with a large slab of concrete which prevents twisting and cupping. When the process is finished we store the wood in a climate controlled space until it is ready to be milled for cutting boards, flooring or custom products. 

With proper care, a Larch Wood end grain cutting board will last for generations.

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