Custom Flooring

Nature’s art is the inspiration for our classic and timeless flooring products.

Celebrated for its ability to withstand the test of time and admired for its unique natural beauty, our larch wood flooring products are kiln dried and milled in our small workshop along the banks of Cape Breton’s famous Margaree River. The quality of larch used to produce our flooring exudes a one-of-a-kind splendour that stems from the bold grain patterns of the famed wood. With warmth and character emanating from our wide range of products, Larch Wood Flooring will make a priceless addition to your home.

Our wood flooring comes unfinished and can be easily and beautifully stained to any preferred shade. This classic wood takes stain much easier than other woods and is available from 3” up to 7” wide floor boards.

Do something different and mix flooring widths to fashion a look that is unique to your home. Create your own custom flooring similar to the one in this photo by using 3”, 4” and 5” widths from our selections. You can also create a wider plank look by choosing the unfinished flooring in 3”, 5” and 7” widths.

3 inch larch wood floor board

3” Flooring
Designed for architectural beauty, this flooring will add a touch of class to any room in your home while creating the illusion of a larger room.

5 inch larch wood floor board

5” Flooring
Grandeur milled to captivate – stun your guests with the natural beauty of this wide larch wood flooring. Bring stunning simplicity into your life as this flooring creates an atmosphere of rustic splendour combined with durability.

7 inch larch wood floor board

7” Flooring
Create a much desired wide plank look with our 7” wide flooring. With expertly milled rich larch wood, this flooring is an eye-catching classic.

Custom Railings and Stairs

Let your stairs and railings be the envy of the neighborhood. The artistic yet functional flair of these timeless railings will help create a seamless flow in your home. Larch wood stairs and custom railings will bring creativity and a natural brilliance that is perfect for both dramatic and modest tastes.

Other Applications

Famed for its unique beauty and esteemed for its diverse range of applications, larch wood can also be used to build towering bookcases, solid doors, winding stairs, durable countertops and a wide range of trims.

The unique natural beauty and strong durability of larch products makes it a reliable and sophisticated product that will bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home or business. For more details on the full range of products that can be created with larch wood please consult a Larch Wood Canada employee.

Bring the warmth of Larch Wood into your home. Contact us today to find out more about our unique flooring options.

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