Custom Chopping Blocks

This is one serious chopping block.

The design team and craftspeople at Larch Wood have spent many months planning and redesigning the classic chopping block. We are proud to present the ‘Butch’. Our new and modern interpretation of the traditional chopping block has the unique design feature of incorporating the legs right into the top of the block.

Custom Made BUTCH Chopping Block

This fresh and contemporary design will work great and look awesome in any setting – whether used in a fully-fledged commercial kitchen or in your own private cooking space – Butch will be a welcomed addition by any serious chef or passionate home cook.

Customising the Butch Chopping Block
From the very start we wanted to design the Butch to be a customisable product for our customers because everyone’s cooking spaces and requirements are different. We are happy to convey that the Butch can be manufactured to your own personal dimensions and thickness. Just take note that the top end grain design is only available in random patterning.

Design Your Own Larch Wood ‘Butch’ Chopping Block

Save our staff some grief and use inches if possible.
Designs greater than 2 square feet should be a minimum of 2 inches thick.
* Asterisks indicate required fields.