Using a Cleaver on Round Chef’s Block

Chef Diesheng Huang contacted Larch Wood and asked if our end grain Round Chef’s Block would stand up to daily use, like a traditional butcher block, when using a meat cleaver. Every day Chef Diesheng Huang chops 40 – 50 pieces of meat with bones (chicken and duck) using his stainless steel cleaver (HRC 52) and his new Larch Wood Round Chef’s Block.

Below is his review and opinion of his Larch Wood Chef’s Block and a short video of the chef using his new Round Chef’s Block .

The end grain Chef’s Block can easily handle all my kitchen needs. The Round Chef’s Block can easily handle cutting, clipping and splitting, but in my case, the chopping is the “main course”.

Size: ★★★★☆

First, let’s talk about the size of the block. At 16.25″ in diameter  x 2.5″ thick it is a perfect size for small chopping works like duck, fish and chicken but if one has a large chopping job like ribs or lamb it might not be the perfect fit.

Durability: ★★★★★

For the chef, the durability of a chopping block is very important: There is a huge different between a chopping block and a normal cutting board. With normal cutting we can use smooth and gentle cutting action, but the chopping block is different. If we use the cleaver on a cutting board it is easy to see if the cutting board is good or not. In some cases they fall apart. I am chopping huge bones like pork or beef bones that’s why I care very much about the cutting blocks’ durability. As shown in the video, we saw it already has many cutting marks on it but the one thing that surprised me was when I touched the cutting marks I could feel it getting smoother and watch it heal itself. The Larch Wood Chef’s Block has so far performed great for me. When I use other brand’s block, deeper cutting marks appear that I can put a coin into but so far the Larch Wood block is holding up quite well

Stability: ★★★★★

One thing that I also care about is the stability of the cutting board. When I am chopping and the cutting board moves even 1mm, it can create a bad incident. For safety, a strong stable board is very necessary. The Larch Wood Chef’s Block does a very good job for a 5.4 kg chopping block.

A short video of the chef using his new Round Chef’s Block