Black Peppercorn – Product Review

Cutting boards are one of the most important tools in my kitchen. I have used so many garbage boards over the years, that I have come to value a high quality board to cut on. For the longest time, I would by a cheap board, never considering the long term value in hand crafted boards. Now, having used boards of high quality, I will never go back. One company that makes some of the best cutting boards I have ever used is Larch Wood Enterprises.

Based in Eastern Canada, they make cutting boards out of Eastern Canadian larch wood. To highlight the attractive grain patterning in the wood, these cutting boards are built using end grain construction. Not only do end grain cutting boards look attractive, but they are also great to cut on, and do not dull knives like many other types of cutting boards.

Recently, I was sent a Larch Wood Cutting Board to test out and review… click here to read the complete review.


I just love this board! I have used many boards and this is both solid and comfortable to use. It is easy to clean and looks wonderful. There are times I have used it to serve a collection of cheeses as well.

Pick up this board, or others that they make, at their website. It is also available at Williams Sonoma.