Wolfville – We are Coming #doitinwolfville

Larch Wood is growing. We heard about a little shop in Wolfville that was up for rent and went to visit. Wolfville is a totally cool place. Wind and water, like home. The abundant valley of Annapolis. Come visit us at 420 Main St. 902-542-4386 or visit our Larch Wood Wolfville Facebook Page.

Cutting boards, countertops, super sharp Japanese knives and more.

A sandstone valley that has been covered in fertile mud. Protected and trapped by basalt mountains, well …hills now. The bread basket of Nova Scotia where the best of the horses ran, now produces amazing grapes and has an abundant orchards and gardens.

It is a town that still has a culture of the ‘main street’. Where people go for a stroll and shop and yes, ‘cruise’. The selection of coffee shops and alcoholic beverages per capita is astounding. Arts and culture abound with coffee and oh yes, a thriving university.

And for fun – go roll in the mud 🙂 or ride the Tidal Bore or take a walk or a drink – take your pick, apples, grains or grapes or Beans for an amazing brew.

So – we went for it. Time to sell our authentic End Grain Boards in this Go Green town.

Hope to see you soon.