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Here at Larch Wood we specialise in designing and creating custom countertops, stools, chopping blocks and cutting boards.

Upgrading a home’s kitchen has often been, and still remains, one of the most popular home improvements. Specifically, updating kitchen countertops is one of the easiest and most noticeable upgrades homeowners can make. Natural countertops have taken over the kitchen market, and it is easy to see why. Wood countertops have that classic feel that nevertheless manage to stay functional and fashionable in the modern cooking space. With these advantages, people who get custom Larch Wood countertops and cutting boards will truly get the best.

Our custom work department will work closely with you from the initial design and pricing of your project through the detailed completion to your required specifications.

Wood Countertops Are Safe for Food and Easy to Clean
Since wood is a porous surface, many people make the mistaken assumption that wood countertops are impossible to disinfect. In fact, wood has natural antimicrobial properties that help it to repel water and bacteria left on the surface during food preparation. In particular, Larch wood is known for its rot-resistant nature, making it an ideal wood for kitchen surfaces. Although wood can absorb water if left standing for long periods, cleaning a wood countertop is fairly simple. Wiping it clean with a mild soap and a little water might be all that is needed after use.

An End Grain Surface Protects the Food Preparation Process
Having the right kind of countertop surface for the enterprising chef is a balance of protecting knives, and healing the material of the countertop. This kind of precise selection requires understanding the science behind your kind of countertop material. Using blocks made of end grain keeps knives in better shape, and avoids the gouges that may be common to other materials or cuts. A block cut with the grain running vertically could be damaged by the knife, and dull the knife edge in the process. With an end grain wood, the grain points upward, going with the flow of the knife. If the knife penetrates the surface, it springs back to its natural state in no time.End Grain Explained

Larch’s Bold Grain Adds Style to Any Home
Like other natural materials for the kitchen, a wood countertop is one of a kind. The grain to any particular block is unique and though similar to other cuts of the same species, will never be a copy of another countertop. The grain of the wood offers plenty of character that could become a focal point in a modern kitchen. Larch wood has such an unusual appearance that it is practically guaranteed to strike a bold position and hold its own among metal accents or bright colours elsewhere in the space.

A Sustainable Harvesting Process Makes a Responsible Choice
Wood is a popular choice for many aspects of the home, but responsible forest management and harvesting is important for us here at Larch Wood, especially in this day and age.

Eastern North American larch, also known as juniper, grow in abundance on Cape Breton Island. It is a fast growing, tenacious species that can tolerate less than ideal conditions, like wet or recently disturbed soils. It is a renewable resource that we source from small, sustainably managed, local woodlot owners. We pay the woodland owners more than market value for their logs to promote a healthy holistic business.

“Why larch?” is always an important question for consumers to ask. Selecting countertops and cutting boards made of larch wood is an excellent option because it can be found, harvested, styled, and sold locally. The wood of the Canadian larch is resilient and durable but also flexible. Larch is also noted for possessing antimicrobial and rot resistant properties making Eastern larch a great choice for kitchen cutting boards, countertops and chopping blocks. Our expert woodworkers who make these counters work by hand in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This means that anyone who buys our products can feel secure in the knowledge that they made a quality purchase with minimal environmental impacts.

Custom Sizing Helps Everyone Get What They Want
Upgrading the kitchen could be a major investment, but there are options that make it more affordable. Natural larch wood countertops can be cut into virtually any size, ranging from very small spaces to the most spacious chef’s kitchen. Custom sizing also applies to a variety of cutting boards. People do not have to feel limited by the cookie cutter options available at the big box stores. A custom cutting board could have the perfect depth to suit every space.

Sometimes, the most ideal choice for a kitchen countertop comes from a material that is close to home. With the use of larch wood in an end grain style, people get a delightful but functional cutting surface that keeps pace with a modern cooking life.

All of our custom countertops come with easy to follow installation instructions as well as telephone and email support.

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