Why Larch Wood Cutting Boards Have Feet

Here at Larch Wood we sometimes get customer inquiries as to why we put feet on our cutting boards. We have 3 main reasons for adding our soft rubber feet which are attached to the board with stainless steel screws.

1. The rubber feet lift the board 3/8” off the countertop. This allows air to pass under the board and most importantly prevents any moisture from contacting the board. Excess moisture trapped under a board that is in direct contact with the countertop can lead to deterioration of glue joints or warping of the cutting board.

2. The soft rubber feet prevent your board from slipping on the countertop. This is crucial for someone using a sharp knife to not have the board slide at all. One small slip could cause an unwanted accident.

3. From a very practical point of view the feet allow the board to be picked up and moved more easily.

We always get a few customers a year who ask for a two-sided board. Most customers who request this want to cut vegetables on one side and meat on the other.

Wooden cutting boards – and especially Larch which is a rot resistant wood – have strong antimicrobial properties which neutralize bacteria from raw meat very quickly.

Here is a tip for you: If you’re cutting raw meat on your board and then want to proceed to vegetables, just use a small amount of detergent on the scrubby part of a sponge, hold the board under running water and give it a quick scrub, then dry it off and proceed to the vegetables. Before starting the cleaning process the combination of the wood and the beeswax in our conditioner will have already started to neutralize any bacteria.

To help you protect your Larch Wood cutting board and ensure its longevity we recommend our article about board care and maintenance.

Last but not least: make sure you always have a supply of cutting board conditioner.