Food Stains on Your End Grain Cutting Board

Hello everyone, I am the Keller Cook and this is my first blog post for Larch Wood. I was introduced to Larch Wood products several years ago and after seeing a board in person, I had to have one, then two, now three. Christmas is coming; perhaps a forth is in my future.

Larch Wood cutting boards are not only stunning to look at but they are also an absolute pleasure to cut on. My two main cutting boards are a Premium Medium Random board and a Premium Small One Hander with a sequenced design. I must admit that the Small One Hander is my go-to board. I use it daily for cutting garlic, onion, pepper, etc. and I often use it for cutting herbs with my dual blade herb chopper.

The boards offer wonderful cutting haptics and the end grain design reduces the chance of the knife slipping and allows for a more precise cut.

How to Minimize Food Stains

I have been reading on the internet about people’s concerns regarding foods staining their cutting boards. No worries with an end grain cutting board. Not only are Larch Wood boards self-healing but they are also very good at self-cleaning food stains as long as you use cutting board conditioner on a regular basis.

If you give your board a thin coat of conditioner before cutting any foods with juices of strong colour, this will help prevent the juice from penetrating into the board. After use, a quick wipe with a damp cloth and the board has almost no staining. Any food stains that may show will be gone after a week or two of use and continued conditioning. It is so cool! The stains will slowly disappear over time. Just remember to condition your cutting board on a regular basis, especially after cleaning with soap.

Cleaning Your Cutting Board

I almost never scrub the boards after use. I just give them a good rub with a clean damp cloth and then a quick wipe with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture. Occasionally I will use a small amount of mild soap on a soft (non-metal) scrubby when cleaning my boards, then wipe clean and apply a coat of conditioner because soap will dry out the board. I have been using the boards for years and I have never had a problem with odour or staining – even when cutting beets, strawberries and herbs.

More Board Care Information

Tip: To reduce the amount of cutting board conditioner you use, I recommend using the same cloth and storing it in an empty conditioner tin.

Save Board Conditioner - Store Cloth In Empty Tin