Larch Wood “Green” Cutting Board Conditioner

When Larch Wood introduced end grain cutting boards to the market in 2005 we realized that we also needed to educate our customers on the proper maintenance of their cutting boards so they could fully appreciate the beauty of the end grain larch patterning as well as the extraordinary functionality of an end grain board.

After our own research we found a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil to be far superior to the more common use of simply using mineral oil only. Since then we have sold large amounts of our beeswax and mineral oil conditioner all over the globe.

Over the years of our working constantly to improve the customers’ experience and attending countless trade shows, we found that a growing number of people preferred not to have mineral oil, a petroleum based product, in their cutting board conditioner even though it is officially registered as food safe.

 In 2018 we decided to work with our partners at Claphams Beeswax Products to develop a new conditioner using an alternative “more green” oil to combine with the anti-microbial beeswax. To our delight the combination of beeswax and hemp oil produced a beautiful and protective matt finish that was less greasy than our regular conditioner. This new Larch Wood Green Board Conditioner is now available for purchase.