Made To Order Countertops

Have you wanted to add just the right touch of unique craftsmanship to your kitchen? Would you like to combine a modern and heritage feel? Do you want functionality and feeling?

Consider a Larch Wood custom made countertop as the focal point to your kitchen.

Durability – End grain construction not only gives our countertops and cutting boards their good looks but it also creates a surface that resists gouges and is self healing.

Maintenance – our counter tops do require occasional maintenance, like any natural wood product. Treating them on a regular basis will keep the fibres of the wood flexible. We recommend Larch Wood Conditioner which is an easy to apply paste that is a combination of beeswax and mineral oil. Click here to view our maintenance page and watch our board care video.

Aging – Larch will naturally take on a darker patina with time.  It has a varied colour range, whites, golds, reds, greens and browns. Each piece is unique in it’s grain patterning and tones.

Safety – Since the 50’s there has been an ongoing debate as to the safety of wooden cutting boards and countertops. Before plastics this was not even a question. Here is a link to some of the science which describes the antimicrobial properties of wood. An end grain working surface is even more effective than other cuts of wood at resisting the penetration of food and odours. This is accomplished by the wood fibres naturally pulling  back together after being separated by the knife.

Every piece of wood has a face grain, edge grain and end grain. End grain is robust, easy on knife blades and scratch resistant or self-healing.

Factors to consider when custom ordering an end grain block for your kitchen?

Where– consider that this is a surface you want to be able to appreciate all of it. Corners? Thickness? Is there enough support underneath?

Water – Prolonged exposure to standing water may eventually lead to deterioration of the end grain surface. We don’t recommend a sink installed that will take up the majority of the width of your countertop. A smaller vegetable washing sink in a wider surface as seen below can work.

In this example the sink is surrounded by a marble surface.

Height – Design the height of your base cabinets to achieve the perfect working height for yourself.

Stove – Hot pots can damage wood so consider using a trivet or another surface suitable for hot pots and pans immediately beside at least one side of the stove.

Colour – Wood will naturally darken as it ages and yet it will still show its natural grain pattern.

Creative – Wood can change the look of almost anything.

Have fun designing your counter top. We look forward to working with you on the design. Please keep in mind that we are booked 6-8 weeks in advance depending on the time of year.

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