End Grain Cutting boards: 10 tips for conditioning your board to last a lifetime

Top 10 Larch Wood End grain cutting board conditioning tips

We cannot stress enough how important conditioning your Larch wood end grain cutting board is!

While there are loads of products on the market for keeping your end grain cutting board in tip top shape, after years of testing and research we with our partners Claphams Beeswax products have formulated not one but two amazing products that will ensure the longevity or your Larch wood end grain cutting board.

Our Original and Green conditioners are both a special formula of beeswax and food grade oil (hemp and mineral oil) specifically designed for our hand crafted end grain cutting boards.

Large size tin of conditioner. 130g / 4.6oz

We’ve pulled together a list of tips to help ensure your time spent conditioning your board is giving you the best results.

  1. This one is given. Condition your board regularly. Minimum weekly for the first month and monthly after that.
  2. If you give your board a deep clean (following our guidelines of course) give it a deep condition.
  3. Be liberal in applying the conditioner. A good rule of thumb is a teaspoon of conditioner for a smaller board and a tablespoon for a larger board.
  4. Don’t rush it! Leave the conditioner on for as long as you can. A few hours at minimum, ideally leave it overnight. Once complete buff the excess into the board.
  5. Condition all sides of your board not just the cutting surface.
  6. Keep a dedicated cloth for your conditioner and store it in a ziplock bag in between uses. This will help conserve the product and your cloths!
  7. Ensure you are using a suitable product. We think highly of our own but are happy to have a look at other products if you are in doubt. We don’t recommend using only an oil product!
  8. Store your conditioner in a cool environment to maximize the shelf life
  9. When in doubt: condition it. If you are noticing knife marks, discoloration, stains or even the appearance of a crack. Apply conditioner and leave it overnight.
  10. If you aren’t going to be using your board for an extended period: You are moving, extended travel or a hiatus from cooking. We would suggest: A liberal coat of conditioner and then wrap it with plastic wrap. This will help lock in the moisture so you don’t need to worry about it long term.

We hope these tips help you on your conditioning journey and if you have any questions, please reach out to us directly for help info@larchwoodcanada.com and to purchase more of this elixir for your boards visit larchwoodcanada.com