Wood is Better

Many questions and comments have been posted around the internet regarding the best material to use for cutting boards, chopping blocks and countertops. It has been proven that most types of wood are intrinsically better than using plastics or composites for food cutting surfaces.

Ceramic, glass and stainless steel cutting surfaces quickly dull and damage the blade of your knife and are not recommended.

It does not matter what material you cut on, you will get particles from the cutting surface into your food. Better some minute wood particles than plastic in your food!

Wood is also recognised to have better antimicrobial properties than plastics.

As far as the best type of wood to use for cutting boards, this is a more complicated and subjective matter.

The construct of the cutting board is just as important as the wood. End grain construction is the best but most labour intensive technique to make a long lasting, commercial grade cutting surface. An end grain cutting board is far more robust than other wooden designs yet is still supple enough as to not damage a knife’s blade and provides lovely cutting haptics.

Woods’ natural properties – colour, grain, feel, robustness – also influence the type of wood selected for creating premium cutting boards and chopping blocks.

Larch is a species of tree native to Canada. The wood is rot resistant with tough and durable, but also flexible fibres. The roots and stumps are used for creating knees in wooden boats. The wood is used for pulp, but also for poles, posts, lumber, decking, flooring, cutting boards and countertops.

Larch Wood Canada and their creative team of craftspeople make absolutely wonderful cutting surfaces in a variety of sizes and designs. By combining the properties of eastern Canadian larch with end grain construct and years of wood-working craftsmanship, Larch Wood makes for you outstanding cutting boards, chopping blocks and countertops that can be thought of not only as useful kitchen tools but also as pieces of functional art. The design speaks for itself.

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