Baking Soda on your Larch Wood Cutting Board is a No! No!

Many people feel the need to use baking soda to treat stains and odors on their Larch Wood cutting board.

Baking soda will not remove the stain and will leave an ugly green/ brown stain on your board that will be difficult to remove. 

What do you do for odors and stains on your board?
Larch Wood Cutting Board Conditioner will help draw food related stains and odors from your board. When you first receive your cutting board you need to season it with our conditioner. The best way to do that is to apply it generously on all surfaces most easily done by starting with the bottom. Do this in the evening and let it sit overnight and buff in the morning with a dry cloth. Our care instructions ask that you do this weekly for the first month and monthly after that.

The real secret to longevity and a beautiful trouble-free board is to apply the conditioner as much as you can during the first couple of years. If your board does stain from foods like beets and strawberries be patient and condition your board it will be gone in a week or so.

Fixing a baking soda stain
If for some reason you end up with a baking soda stain like in the picture below.

Take slices of lemon or grapefruit and put them over the stained area. Cover them with something heavy like an enameled cast iron.

Please note: do not to use a non-enameled cast iron pot.

Leave it for up to 24- 48 hours and the citrus will draw the stain out as seen in the picture.