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Why choose Larch Wood Canada?

How to Make End Grain Boards

We are ‘end grain’ specialists:

Larch Wood Canada specializes in creating beautiful ‘end grain’ cutting boards handmade from Eastern Canadian Larch. The end grain construction of our boards [ see FAQs for end grain details ] provides a tough yet forgiving surface when it comes to your knife edges.

We kiln dry all our lumber here at Larch Wood to our own specific parameters. This aids greatly in the stability of our boards.

Wooden Cutting boards are known for their ability to neutralize bacteria [ see study] Specifically larch is a superior species to many other woods on the market.

Last but not least the grain patterning of larch is very attractive. We put that to full use in our boards.


Eastern Canadian Larch Tree grows in abundance in Cape Breton and was traditionally used in boat building and other exterior applications such as decking and fence posts. Noted for its rot resistance, strength and ability to neutralize bacteria Larch has all the characteristics needed to produce a superior cutting surface.

The bold grain patterning and the natural coloring of the larch, along with its renowned durability, was our initial inspiration for handcrafting our Cutting Boards.

Kiln Dried:

Larch Wood’s Nyle Kiln, manufactured in Maine USA, can dry up to 18,000 board feet at a time. We have been drying Larch for over 12 years and have developed our own schedule specific to larch. It generally takes 14 -16 days to dry a load. This can change due to the length of time the wood has been cut before kiln drying. Once loaded into the kiln we top off each stack of wood with a large slab of concrete which prevents twisting and cupping. When the process is finished we store the wood in a climate controlled space until it is ready to be milled for Cutting Boards or flooring.        

Our Local Craftspeople:

Larch Wood has a small but talented group of craftspeople. We have over 100 years of combined woodworking experience amongst us. Ingenuity and creativity best describe the crew’s qualities. Everyone has input in the design and process of all our products. We all live locally and are thrilled to have year work so we can raise our families here in beautiful Cape Breton.         

Handmade on the Margaree River:

Larch Wood Canada is proud to say ‘We use Canadian Larch Wood and employ local craftspeople from Cape Breton Island”. We invite you to come to our shop for a visit. Cape Breton Island was recently named one of the top island destinations in the world. We are located in the foothills of the Cape Breton Highland National Park and the Cabot Trail. Our island is beautiful and we hope that you visit our shop for a tour.

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