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"The Best Board on the Market"

I purchased my first Larch Wood cutting board 10 years ago and it has always held an important place in my kitchen so it was a natural choice to use the same boards when we began hosting cooking classes.

We have 11 boards with my 10 year old board rounding out the dozen. You can see no difference between the old and the new, in fact in my opinion my board has only gotten better with age and looks even better.

Another huge advantage is the durability of the board, having inexperienced cooks with less than stellar knife skills would be a challenge with other boards but the Larch Wood boards show no cuts and look the same at the end of the day as they did at the start.

I also do a lot of food styling and the Larchwood boards are absolutely perfect for showcasing cheese, steaks, and a variety of other foods. No matter how great the cook, everything gets taken up a notch with a Larch Wood board!

The Kilted Chef Alain Bosse


A Cut Above

Larch Wood Canada’s Heirloom Cutting Boards are praised by professional chefs and “aspiring” chef’s alike. Handcrafted in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, these superior end-grain cutting boards are praised as works of functional art and have found their way into some of North America’s top retail stores.

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